SOI Academy Shanghai launch a success

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Published : 5 February 2019

In order to promote FDSOI, their advanced CMOS technology, to Chinese manufacturers, Leti and Soitec are ready and willing to organize events in China. In late November they met with some 200 managers, technicians, and circuit designers in Shanghai. The two-day “SOI Academy” was facilitated by experts from Leti and Soitec, and featured speakers from IMEP-LaHC, IBM, and Shanghai-based SITRI.

FDSOI enables the fabrication of low-power circuits capable of achieving high frequencies for RF applications. However, in order for FDSOI to carve out a position, the associated stakeholders (foundries, fabless manufacturers, designers, etc.) will need to consolidate further, especially in Asia. Leti and Soitec plan to run two or three more SOI Academy events in China in 2019.



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