Spin Hall effect observed in a ferromagnetic material

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Published : 5 April 2021

The spin Hall effect, where a charge current is transformed into a spin current, has been amply documented, but only in non-magnetic materials. Researchers at Spintec wanted to know if the effect could be observed in ferromagnetic materials. Specifically, they have been looking for the reverse spin Hall effect (spin current to charge current) in a copper-nickel alloy. Whether the ferromagnetic alloy was cold or heated, causing it to lose its permanent magnetization, the effect was present to the same degree.

The spin Hall effect can be used to reverse the magnetization of memory and will play a role in the design of beyond-CMOS devices. The idea now is to expand the range of materials that could produce the effect. The research is ongoing. Up next: electrical transport measurements.

Contacts: jean-philippe.attane@cea.fr; laurent.vila@cea.fr

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