Spin-orbit interaction breathes new life into MRAMs

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Published : 2 June 2014

Over the past few months, Spintec has been completing the fabrication of the first generation of a new kind of MRAM likely to push back the limits of the previous generation of MRAM. The new SOT-MRAM (for spin-orbit torque) leverages spin-orbit interaction to multiply the number of current pathways used during the read and write phases. Because the magnetic tunnel junction is no longer subjected to high current densities, SOT-MRAM offers better resistance to breakdown and aging. In addition, the risk of disturbances (writing) during read phases is eliminated.
This first generation of SOT-MRAM is made using the same materials as MRAM. And the early test results are promising: tunnel magnetoresistance is high at 90%, and switching times are very low, at less than 200 ps. The researchers are now looking at additional enhancements, including ways to reduce the memory’s energy consumption.

Contact: gilles.gaudin@cea.fr


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