Spintec’s new STT-MRAM gives a sub-nanosecond performance

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Published : 8 December 2015

Spintec is developing spin-transfer torque magnetic random-access memory, or STT-MRAM, with write speeds under one nanosecond. That’s ten times faster than what Samsung and Intel are announcing for their 2016 product releases. Habitually, write speeds are around fi ve to ten nanoseconds. But Spintec’s memory uses a diff erent—and faster—process to trigger the write pulse. The secret is two orthogonal polarization vectors placed on each side of the memory layer that maintain a non-zero spin-transfer torque (STT).

The ultra-fast speeds could make Grenoble’s STT-MRAM compatible with very-high-potential applications like SRAM cache. The researchers are currently fi ne-tuning the concept, making improvements to the shape of the memory points and lowering switching energy as much as possible. They have fi led several patent applications.


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