Startup Vulkam sets sights on space market

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Published : 7 June 2021

Since the beginning of the year, Vulkam, a startup founded by a SIMaP scientist in 2017, has secured two space-related R&D contracts with Thales and LYNRED. The company develops ultra-insulating materials that offer remarkable performance.

Specifically, Vulkam develops amorphous metal alloys, Vulkalloys®, whose atoms are reordered in such a way as to optimize a given property (like mechanical resistance, for instance) for record-breaking performance. These materials are then used to precision-manufacture small metal parts accurate to within microns. The company currently offers around 20 off-the-shelf products and can develop specific materials for the watchmaking, medical, aeronautics, and defense markets. Vulkam is still working with SIMaP through an R&D partnership.


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