Startups continue to raise capital during the pandemic

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Published : 5 October 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has not kept startups commercializing MINATEC technologies from raising funds. From June to September six MINATEC startups announced fundraising rounds for a total of €38 million in fresh capital.
MagIA Diagnostics (€3 million) is now positioned to scale up its portable HIV and hepatitis B and C screening device. Apix Analytics (€5 million) will ramp up business development efforts to expand sales of its multi-gas detectors. Elichens (€6 million) will begin volume manufacturing of its gas sensors. Aryballe Technologies (€7 million) will scale up its “smart nose” technology. Microoled (€8 million) is ramping up production of its miniature displays and developing a new augmented reality module. Antaios (€9 million) is entering into a partnership with Applied Materials (see article below).
In other startup news, Bespoon (ultra-wideband transmission) was acquired by STMicroelectronics.


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