The 2013 First Step Challenge is now open!

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Published : 10 June 2013

After a promising first year in 2012, the CEA’s First Step Challenge is being renewed this year with high expectations. The goal is to spot “out of the box” business ideas and support them with financial aid, expertise, and a fast, effective incubation program.

Out of the 14 business ideas selected 2012, 12 are on the road to becoming full-fledged start-ups: 8 are in the incubation phase, and 4 have received a total of nearly €860,000 to build demonstrators.

The First Step Challenge is intended primarily for permanent employees of the CEA’s Technological Research Division, although the selection committee will examine applications from temporary employees on a case-by-case basis. Budding entrepreneurs have until June 14, 2013 to submit their ideas; those selected will begin their venture with a kick off meeting on September 11, 2013.


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