The Internet of Things in the spotlight at LetiDays 2014

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Published : 2 June 2014

The LetiDays 2014 conference on “The Internet of Things, from Sensors to Zero Power” will be held at Maison MINATEC on June 25–26. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a crucial research topic for Leti, which is developing technologies for IoT applications—in particular for sensors, low-power systems, and network security.
The LetiDays 2014 program will cover Leti’s approach to IoT R&D, the markets Leti expects to be able to address thanks to its IoT technologies, and, finally, the institute’s technology roadmap. Several of Leti’s industrial partners will either be giving talks or exhibiting at the event.
And, in the run-up to LetiDays 2014, two workshops will be held on June 23–24. The first will present the highlights of Leti’s Catrene project and the second will focus on non-volatile memory.

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