The town of St. Martin d’Uriage jumps on Mobility Village bandwagon

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Published : 6 October 2014

The “Mobility Village” project, an initiative of the MINATEC IDEAs Laboratory, launched in April in the town of St. Martin d’Uriage, outside of Grenoble. The project aims to identify local residents’ mobility-related needs to help better target emerging solutions.
And, to get people interested, IDEAs Lab set up a tent in the town center for two months. A total of 250 local residents came to chat with staff from IDEAs Lab and CCSTI (a local science-education center), fill out questionnaires, test electric bicycles and cars, and participate in the variety of activities on offer.
Several topics were identified for further investigation—transforming abandoned trails into bike paths and setting up a hitchhiking system, for example. This fall, local residents and researchers will team up to make recommendations for potential products and services that could meet the needs expressed during Phase 1 of the project.




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