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January 01 2023

Microfluidic biocatalysis

The overall objective of the project is to propose a new mode of biocatalytic production based on continuous flow and combining macro and micro-fluidics. The aim is to develop a biocatalysis process involving fluidic bioreactors capable of ensuring continuous biotransformation, thanks to immobilized enzymes or whole cell catalysts. This process will be optimized to improve […] >>

January 01 2023

iDentification of pathogenic bacteria and determination of their viability status by Raman microSpectroscopy coupled to isoTopic labelling (DATASET)

The identification of bacterial species is an important issue in the context of health risk assessment, but is often insufficient. but often insufficient. Indeed, the presence of VNC (Viable Non-Cultivable) bacteria poses a problem because they cannot be detected by classical microbiological techniques, which are based on techniques, which are based on the culture of […] >>

April 18 2018

Engineered BiomimEtic platforms to analyse the molecular and cellular role of Heparan Sulfate on bone morphogenetic protein 2

CONTEXTE The industrial development of biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration is steadily increasing due to socio-economical need for bone repair therapies especially caused by the aging of the population and improvement of the quality of life. A boost of bone repair can be achieved using potent osteoinductive proteins, named bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). In Europe, […] >>
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