Tronics announces successful IPO

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Published : 2 April 2015

Tronics announced the success of its IPO on the Alternext Paris market on February 9. IPO investors netted a 25% gain on the offer price of €13.20 before trading closed for the day ; the company raised €12 million in fresh capital. The funds will be used to support development in Asia (North Korea, China, and Japan) and the United States, where the company already has a plant (Dallas, TX). Specifically, Tronics will double the size of its sales staff and aims to push sales revenue from €12 million to €40 million in three years.

onics also plans to pursue its ambitious innovation policy, leveraging its breakthrough M&NEMS technology and its MEMS for medical applications. New joint R&D contracts will be formed with Leti to back this strategy. Tronics was founded 18 years ago to develop and commercialize MEMS technologies hatched at Leti.


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