Two-photon microscopy generates 3D images of living tissue

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Published : 2 February 2015

The National Intravital Platform, part of France Life Imaging, a research institute tasked with setting up a coordinated national medical imaging network, has moved from the Institut des Neurosciences to Clinatec.
The platform’s most advanced imaging technique, two-photon microscopy, will effectively take Clinatec’s medical imaging capabilities to the next level. How does it work? A pulsed infrared laser beam that can be tuned to between 680 nm and 1,300 nm is used to generate in vivo 3D images to penetration depths of up to 1 mm.
Clinatec will use the technique to study nanoparticles used in drug delivery, identify healthy and pathological neural networks, and generate 3D images of cell cultures—useful in monitoring tissue regeneration.
Two-photon microscopy can also be used to validate contrasts observed using other medical imaging techniques to highlight underlying biological phenomena.



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