Ultra-wideband and RFID make a winning combination

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Published : 3 December 2012

Leti researchers are getting ready to transfer to industry a new wireless communication system that combines ultra-wideband and RFID technology. The new system can transfer data between a mobile phone and a RFID tag at an impressive rate of 100 Mb/s, while using just a few mW of power. Data are stored locally, so users don’t need to connect to a network requiring access to servers often located thousands of miles away.
The system was developed under a four-year R&D partnership with Nokia. It was initially designed for mobile phone applications, but applications in other fields are expected to be developed through a new start-up. Dr. Michael Pélissier, the engineer who has been spearheading this work since 2003, was awarded the 2011 Général Ferrié Radio Engineering Award at a ceremony held in June 2012.

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