Veloce2 emulator flexes its muscles at Leti

Categorie(s) : News, Research

Published : 2 April 2015

Leti recently executed hundreds of billions of clock cycles to verify a 3D 96-processor multicore circuit using the institute’s Mentor Graphics Veloce2 emulation system. Expansion cards were added to run the architecture with real peripherals and test it in a realistic environment.

Veloce2 emulation systems are 10,000 times faster than traditional RTL simulation, making it possible to verify multi-processor circuits that have several billion transistors.

Leti has had the emulation system for around 18 months, but had not yet used it at this impressive power level. Leti is planning to use the system for other tests, like the thermal co-emulation of complex circuits for Leti’s joint lab with Docea Power.


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