Vincent Favre-Nicolin wins award for his work in crystallography

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Published : 7 June 2021

Over his career, Vincent Favre-Nicolin, a UGA faculty member who conducts research at ESRF, has developed open-source software applications that are widely used by crystallographers. L’Association française de cristallographie, France’s learned society for crystallographers, will give Vincent its biannual André-Guinier Award on July 2.  

The Fox software Vincent developed in the 2000s, which uses powder diffraction patterns to determine the structure of crystals, is still relevant today. Pharmaceutical researchers, for example, use it to solve the 3D structure of molecules when developing new drugs. And the PyNX software suite, initially released in 2018, processes coherent X-ray imaging data. The ESRF EBS (Extremely Brilliant Source), which has improved the coherent photon flux by two orders of magnitude, is creating even more opportunities to use this software.


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