Wireless, batteryless lighting and roller shutter control

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Published : 5 April 2021

Electrical equipment manufacturer Legrand, CEA-Leti, and CEA-Liten recently unveiled their new wireless, batteryless connected switch technology. This thrice-patented innovation took several years to develop and is different from competing solutions in several ways. First, it leverages an advanced electromagnetic energy harvesting system for a final product that is 17 dB less noisy and that requires half the force to activate. Second, it is 2 mm thinner than competing solutions, an important consideration when it comes to design and aesthetics.

Last, but not least, these new wireless, batteryless switches could save more than a ton of batteries each year. Legrand plans to release the products (which will be sold to consumers and professionals) by summer.

Contact: camille.giroud@cea.fr

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