Wireless sensors poised to improve transportation safety

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Published : 3 December 2012

Wireless technology could soon replace the cumbersome cables in airplanes’ safety systems and in cars’ ABS and anti-skid systems thanks to a Leti innovation: a miniature 2-cm antenna for 868 MHz UHF frequencies. Leti researchers are now looking at how this antenna can be used for signal propagation in cars and airplanes.
The researchers developed energy loss, dispersion, and echo models using measurements taken on an Airbus and several different types of cars. The next step—to be carried out under the Linking Technologies Program at IRT Nanoelec—will be to acquire a channel propagation simulator for testing wireless systems in real-world conditions and improving the systems’ protocols, architecture, power requirements, and types of links.

Contact: lionel.rudant@cea.fr

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