With HAP2U, touch screens get touchable texture

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Published : 5 October 2015

After going home with the Forum 5i trophy in May, the startup HAP2U, located at CIME-Nanotech and cofounded by Cédrick Chappaz (formerly from STMicroelectronics), is enjoying remarkable success. The company’s multi-patented technology, which gives texture to touch screens, could potentially help fuel e-commerce. The innovation leverages the “air layer” effect, where ultrasound waves create a layer of air between the user’s finger and the screen. As the frequency varies, so does the texture perceived by the user.

HAP2U is working with Leti on the activation of thin-layer piezoelectric materials for a future product development kit that is nearly ready for scale-up. The company plans to send out about one hundred of these kits at the beginning of 2016 and collect user feedback that will enhance the development of future applications for the technology.

Contact: cedrick.chappaz@hap2u.net

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