More than 1,500 schoolchildren expected at Parvis des sciences science fair

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Published : 1 October 2018

On October 11–13 Maison MINATEC will host the eleventh Parvis des sciences science fair. The capacity of the event was increased this year to accommodate growing numbers of requests from schools. More than 1,500 schoolchildren (300 more than in 2017) from 31 elementary school and 28 high school classes are expected on the Thursday and Friday of the event. Posters were also sent to 300 schools across the Isère district inviting children to come with their families on Saturday, October 13, which is open to the general public.  This year’s event will also feature new activities like an introduction to coding, a hands-on workshop on how to build a high-frequency radio transmitter, activities on the energy transition, and a “Science and Cinema” booth that will unlock some of the secrets of science fiction films.


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