World-first: 300 mm CMOS qubits

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Published : 6 February 2017

INAC and Leti recently achieved a world-first, successfully demonstrating that a quantum bit, or qubit, made using 300 mm CMOS FDSOI, works! The qubit—the basic building block for quantum computing—was measured at 10 mK. This groundbreaking lab experiment proved that, despite the fact that the lab qubit’s geometry is not compatible with the scales required of quantum computing, CMOS technology is a good candidate for tomorrow’s quantum computers.

The qubit was inspired by a system that closely resembles a traditional transistor. It is made of two 30-nm-long grids connected in series and placed just 35 nm apart. It is based on holes, not electrons, and is controlled by applying radiofrequency electrical fields to the grids. The results were published in Nature Communications.



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