World’s first microsystem fabricated on 300 mm wafers

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Published : 8 December 2015

This summer, researchers at Leti fabricated the world’s first M&NEMS micro-accelerometers on 300 mm wafers, sending three crucial messages to the academic and industrial research and development communities.

First, the research proved that MEMS, or microelectromechanical systems, can be fabricated on 300 mm wafers, the largest format used in microelectronics. This advance will give MEMS access to the benefi ts associated with being among the most advanced technologies, from lower costs and energy consumption to more functions and smart capabilities.

97% of the fabrication process completed in house with a yield of 90%

Second, the future of Leti’s M&NEMS technology looks bright. It could ultimately enable sensors—accelerometers, gyrometers, magnetometers, pressure sensors, and microphones—to be fabricated using a single technology. The technology could also be used to build combination sensors—with three accelerometers and three gyrometers, for instance—on a single chip.

The technology appears to be highly compatible with miniaturization, and fabrication on 300 mm wafers will make it even more attractive to manufacturers.

Third, the achievement cements Leti’s position as the world’s leading center for MEMS R&D. The fabrication process used this summer counted around a hundred steps, 97% of which Leti completed in house. The accelerometers are fully functional and some structures reached yields of 90%.

The technology has passed the proof-of-concept hurdle. Interest from manufacturers will be the prerequisite for further development work. However, Leti has successfully increased its lead over its major competitors: IME in Singapore, C2MI in Canada, and IMEC in Belgium.


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