2018 CEA Tech showroom guide now available

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Published : 1 April 2018

The 2018 CEA Tech showroom guide was published in February. The first edition of the guide came out last year. The guide, for internal use only, is designed for showroom tour leaders and business developers at the CEA Tech institutes. With nearly 300 pages of information, the guide is also a practical reference for trade shows.

Written in non-technical language, the guide describes the 89 prototypes and demonstrator systems on display in the showroom and the associated CEA Tech R&D capabilities. For each prototype or demonstrator system, the guide reviews the technologies used, the markets and applications targeted, benefits, existing partnerships, and development opportunities.

Nearly 600 tours of the showroom were given in 2017, 250 of which were for professionals from industry. The guide will be a crucial resource for the staff conducting the tours.


Contact: showroom@cea.fr

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