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April 2018

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Exploring the surface of CuInS2 nanocrystals

What is the surface of copper-indium-sulfur nanocrystals really like? This is something that researchers, intrigued by the nanocrystals’ high luminescence, have...
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Could UVB rays cause our DNA to oxidize?

Until now, it was considered that the damaging effects of UVB rays on DNA were due to the excitation of the...
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Chips individually encrypted during fabrication

Leti and Mapper, an equipment manufacturer based in the Netherlands, recently announced a major innovation: an individual security code etched onto...
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Lensless microscopy detects meningitis

In research conducted at La Timone University Medical Center in Marseille, scientists from Leti completed proof-of-concept testing on technique that uses...
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TMD monolayers offer unrivalled superconductivity

Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) monolayers are promising candidates for future generations of transistors and for superconducting spintronics. The materials offer the...
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Giant magnetoresistance present in new structures

structures in which giant magnetoresistance (GMR) has been observed. Rather than stacking ultra-thin magnetic and non-magnetic layers, the researchers deposited the...
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Top news

Pixcurve image sensor: microelectronics free from planar sensors

In February Leti presented a functional prototype of an 11 mm x 7 mm CMOS image sensor whose unique feature is that it is curved. The innovation could lead to a spectacular reduction in the size and complexity of lenses. It also opens the door to a whole new breed of microelectronics where the flat format will no longer be the norm.

The Pixcurve sensor was made from a commercially-available image sensor...

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Interview: Tony Prézeau “Innovation marketing demands agility and a willingness to challenge the status quo”,

Innovation marketing demands agility and a willingness to challenge the status quo

Tony Prézeau, Head of the Bibliometrics Department, CEA Market Research Division: “Innovation marketing demands agility and a willingness to challenge the status quo”


Why does technological research need innovation marketing?

Technology push is not enough, as evidenced by the fact that 85% of innovations are market failures. This occurs for several reasons, from the wrong target application or business model to social acceptability and regulatory issues. You can create the greatest patented...

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Quantum computing: progress toward silicon-28

Since 2014, several scientific articles have presented the silicon-28 isotope as a good material for spin qubits for quantum computing. However,...
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Winter Olympics: innovation medal for Grenoble’s 5G technology

Leti, which is coordinating the Europe-Korea 5GChampion consortium, gave a stellar performance at the Winter Olympics. In a world first, Leti...
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Regenerbone bone reconstruction project could lead to startup

The team of researchers led by Catherine Picart at LMGP* recently began work on Regenerbone, an ERC Proof of Concept project...
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Grenoble Institute of Technology gets new Communications Director

Éliane Ferlay took the reins of Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Communications Department at the beginning of February. Ms. Ferlay brings diverse...
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FAME Master’s program strengthens ties with industry

With a ten-year history and some 200 graduates, the FAME (Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering) Master’s program recently received the European...
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Innovation: CEA still in the top-100 global innovators

For the seventh year running, Clarivate Analytics (formerly Reuters), has ranked the CEA among the top 100 global innovators. Only two...
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Leti to organize HTA’s tenth anniversary event in Brussels

Leti will organize a day-long event for the tenth anniversary of the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA) on April 24 in Brussels....
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MINATEC a center for the arts and culture

Taking a cultural tour of the MINATEC campus has probably never crossed your mind. Maybe now it will! The Grenoble-Alps University...
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iGEM 2018 team tackles phagotherapy

Motivated by the success a team of students from Grenoble encountered at iGEM 2017, a new thirteen-member multidisciplinary team is already...
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Exagan gets a warm welcome in China

It would be difficult to imagine a better way to enter the Chinese market: Grenoble-based startup Exagan, which specializes in power...
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Phelma students reach out to young cancer patients

Just one year ago, the students of Phelma created the 17th branch of the French nonprofit “Cheer up!”. The organization helps...

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Aledia raises €30 million and welcomes Intel

Startup Aledia, which specializes in a 3D LED technology, has just completed its third round of fundraising, bringing in €30 million...
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New arrivals at the CEA now have their own welcome packet

Since the end of March, all new arrivals—whether they are PhD candidates, temporary or permanent employees, or interns—at the CEA in...
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BHT: Weebit Nano, a new company with great memory

Israel’s Weebit Nano, which moved into the BHT in September, has been working with Leti since 2016. Their research focuses on...
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2018 CEA Tech showroom guide now available

The 2018 CEA Tech showroom guide was published in February. The first edition of the guide came out last year. The...
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Ground breaks on BHT2

Construction of the new High-tech Building, BHT2, is well underway. The building, located at the southern entrance of the Presqu’Île district...
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