Regenerbone bone reconstruction project could lead to startup

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Published : 1 April 2018

The team of researchers led by Catherine Picart at LMGP* recently began work on Regenerbone, an ERC Proof of Concept project with a grant of €150,000. The eighteen-month project will build on prior research on bone defect repair using an osteoinductive film. The new research will also address regulatory issues, raw-materials supply, and the business plan for a future startup.

Compared to bone grafts, whose use is limited to defects that are small in size, the osteoinductive material can be placed on a cylindrical implant to reconstitute bone fragments. It can be placed on implants made from titanium or PEEK polymer, two materials commonly used in bone surgery. LMGP has been developing the films for nine years and has published fourteen articles and obtained three patents to date.


*A Grenoble Institute of Technology-CNRS lab


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