Exagan gets a warm welcome in China

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Published : 1 April 2018

It would be difficult to imagine a better way to enter the Chinese market: Grenoble-based startup Exagan, which specializes in power components for converters, was selected for the Impact China 2018 program run by Business France and Bpifrance. The program will send Exagan to China on three trips totaling five weeks, giving the company ample opportunities to determine which region of China would be best suited to its business and to make contact with potential customers.

China is a major producer of electric vehicles and consumer electronics, making it a key market for Exagan. The startup, which has 25 employees at sites in Grenoble and Toulouse, would have invested much more time and taken on much more risk going it alone in China. This program will position Exagan to set up shop in China and hire local employees.


Contact: frederic.dupont@exagan.com


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