BHT: Weebit Nano, a new company with great memory

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Published : 1 April 2018

Israel’s Weebit Nano, which moved into the BHT in September, has been working with Leti since 2016. Their research focuses on tomorrow’s resistive memory (ReRAM), which is faster and more energy-efficient than flash memory. ReRAM also offers the advantage of being made from silicon oxide, a material very commonly used in microelectronics and easy to integrate into CMOS processes.

Several key prerequisites to industrial scale-up have been completed. Most recently a set pf 4,000 40 nm memory points was produced. Based on these encouraging results, Weebit Nano set up a French subsidiary at the end of 2017. ReRAM will be used in a number of applications, including high-density storage for servers and microcontrollers for IoT devices.



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