Ground breaks on BHT2

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Published : 1 April 2018

Construction of the new High-tech Building, BHT2, is well underway. The building, located at the southern entrance of the Presqu’Île district on rue Félix-Esclangon, is slated for completion in the spring of 2019.

The five-story high-environmental-quality building will offer modular office, lab, and cleanroom spaces from 50 sq. m to 900 sq. m. dedicated to development activities in the fields of micro and nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical technology, and energy. BHT2 will be fully operational in a year. The building will house innovative companies and startups that have formal agreements with MINATEC research organizations. Like BHT1, the new building will support the development of technological research and will help support the Nano 2022 project.



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