FAME Master’s program strengthens ties with industry

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Published : 1 April 2018

With a ten-year history and some 200 graduates, the FAME (Functional Advanced Materials and Engineering) Master’s program recently received the European Erasmus Mundus seal for the third time. The program, which is coordinated by Phelma with the support of seven European universities*, will be called FAME+ starting in September 2018.

The curriculum will focus heavily on the industrial research and development of advanced nano, hybrid, and ceramic materials. This is to give graduates the best possible career-placement prospects. This year the FAME+ Partners Circle welcomed seven new industrial companies, seven new technological research organizations, and thirteen new universities—giving students even more opportunities for their internships.


*Grenoble Institute of Technology, TU Darmstadt, U. Aveiro, U. Augsbourg, U. Bordeaux, U. Liège, UC Louvain


Contact: eirini.sarigiannidou@phelma.grenoble-inp.fr

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