300 mm: Leti brings state-of-the-art technology to industry

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Published : 4 February 2019

Thanks to Nano 2022 initiative funding, Leti will complete installation of its first wave of 30 pieces of 300 mm microelectronics equipment in 2019. The equipment will expand Leti’s technological capabilities, positioning the institute to address tomorrow’s innovations.

The Nano 2022 initiative, financed by the CEA, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, and the French government via the Directorate General for Enterprise, is spectacular in scope and in terms of its budget. The equipment purchased under Nano 2022 will give Leti one of Europe’s most advanced R&D cleanrooms in Europe. The most remarkable piece of equipment to be acquired is an ASML immersion lithography system.


300 mm technology to catch up with 200 mm within two years

The new equipment also aligns with several strategic priorities. The first is to possess equipment similar to what is used by industrial customers (300 mm). The second is to ensure the confidentiality of customers’ R&D projects, something that requires a complete fleet of equipment. Finally, with the launch of the Substrate Innovation Center, Soitec will move a significant portion of its R&D activities to Leti. This world-class prototyping center will primarily develop new materials.

Around fifteen pieces of equipment will be installed in 2019, rounding out the institute’s existing resources, and the development of 300 mm processes will begin. These tasks will be completed by special project teams made up of employees of the CEA, the equipment manufacturers, and subcontractors. The institute’s 300 mm activities should catch up with 200 mm within two years.


Contact: laurent.clavelier@cea.fr

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