3D integration: INTACT circuit at the global state of the art

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Published : 1 April 2016

A 3D multicore circuit developed by two teams of researchers from Leti recently set a new global state of the art. The research and development work, conducted under a project spearheaded by IRT Nanoelec, resulted in the development of the INTACT circuit, which offers five times more processing power and double the energy efficiency of the best 3D circuits currently available. The circuit’s stellar performance was made possible by a particularly unusual technical choice. The interposer onto which the 96 cores are integrated is active. In other words, in addition to optimized interconnects between the circuits themselves, the interposer also features power management, troubleshooting, and thermal and stress testing capabilities. The demonstrator circuit was built to show off the Grenoble innovation ecosystem’s mastery of design and technology for tomorrow’s high-performance computing applications. The circuit has been sent to foundry and will be available this summer. Two patent applications have been filed.

Contact: pascal.vivet@cea.fr

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