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April 2016

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3D integration: INTACT circuit at the global state of the art

A 3D multicore circuit developed by two teams of researchers from Leti recently set a new global state of the art....

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A biobattery with built-in energy recovery

A biobattery capable of producing energy from ocean and lake sediments would be a wonderful invention! But for it to become...

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UV LEDs: could nanowires be the key to efficiency?

UV LEDs produced using the semiconductor material aluminum gallium nitride (AlGaN) in thin layers perform poorly in the brightness and lifespan...

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Ultra-low-power systems for IoT

A Ph.D. candidate at Leti has developed an analog-digital converter and a signal filtering architecture that are setting new energy efficiency...

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Nanocrystals could bring photocatalysis to the masses

Synthetic chemists could soon see a new addition to the catalysts available to them. Researchers at INAC recently showed that core-shell...

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New advances in phase-change memory

Leti’s 12 Mb germanium-antimony-tellurium phase-change memory—which could be used in tomorrow’s embedded applications—recently produced record results for performance at high temperatures,...

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Top news

2016–2020: FMNT expands

The FMNT (Federation for Micro and Nanotechnologies) saw its mandate renewed for an additional five years on January 1, 2016. The organization took advantage of the occasion to bring in three new labs, bringing its total headcount to nearly 500—a 30% increase. The FMNT is now one of France’s largest research organizations in the fields of microelectronics and nanotechnology. Until end-2015, the FMNT encompassed four labs: LTM, LMGP, IMEP-LaHC, and part...

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Interview: “Standards will help us position our technologies”,

Dominique Noguet, Head of Communication and Security Technology, Leti, an institute of the CEA
“Standards will help us position our technologies”

Leti has been working on a standard for cognitive radio since 2011. Why?

We developed a cognitive radio technology that leverages TV white space. In other words, it takes advantage of UHF bands allocated to TV broadcasting, but that are not being used locally. If we want to get...

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Microresonators: the quality factor

Microresonators are offering increasingly impressive “quality factors.” In other words, the duration of the vibration induced by an initial impulse is...

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Superdirective antenna arrays undergo field testing

Leti has developed a compact antenna (with a radius of just 5 cm at 868 MHz) that can selectively read RFID...

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A microdisplay 1,000 times brighter for augmented reality

The microdisplay Leti presented earlier this year at CES Las Vegas was remarkable in two ways. First, its luminance, which is...

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Patient recruitment has begun for BCI study to help tetraplegics

The Grenoble-Alpes University Medical Center and regulatory authorities have granted Dr. Alim-Louis Benabid approval to begin the clinical research protocol “Brain-Computer...

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IEE EDS colloquium presents twelve distinguished lecturers

On May 30, international learned society IEE EDS will hold a free, open-access colloquium at the Phelma auditorium. The organization will...

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Managing metal contamination just got easier

Each year, the Leti staffers in charge of the institute’s 200 mm and 300 mm equipment request thousands of metal contamination...

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Leti earns kudos from French government evaluator HCERES

The French government’s higher education and research evaluator HCERES* has only good things to say about Leti in its recent report,...

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MINATEC Ph.D. candidate wins NanoArt 2015

Maxime Legallais, a Ph.D. candidate at LMGP-IMEP/LTM, won the Fondation Nanosciences NanoArt 2015 Award for his photo of a silicon nanowire...

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Dr. Anne Vilcot appointed Administrator of Phelma

Dr. Anne Vilcot has been appointed Interim Administrator of Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma by the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education...

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Leti gets new Carnot Label coordinator

Fabien Boulanger, a former lab supervisor, took up a new position as Carnot Label coordinator at Leti in early 2016. His...

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Diabeloop: “Pancreas 2.0” undergoes patient testing

Grenoble-based startup Diabeloop is currently testing the second version of its smart artificial pancreas on 45 insulin-dependent diabetics. The system is...

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CEA is the world’s most innovative research organization

The latest Reuters Top 25 Global Innovators - Government list placed the CEA first among the world’s most innovative research institutions,...

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Clinatec innovates in fundraising

The Clinatec Foundation has set the ambitious fundraising target of €30 million by 2018 to pay for Clinatec’s biomedical research programs...

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First Grenoble young physicist meeting coming soon

Nearly 100 Ph.D. and post-docs in physics will meet in Grenoble on April 15 for the first-ever Grenoble young physicist meeting....
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Phelma Polygone moves to new quarters

Grenoble Institute of Technology-Phelma permanently vacated its Polygone site on Avenue des Martyrs in February and has moved into its new...

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Smart Force Technologies makes using nanoparticles easier

Since 2006 LTM has been working on technologies to control the placement of nanoparticles on a surface. The lab’s reputation has...

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Startup: Motion Recall targets consumer virtual reality

Motion Recall, established at the beginning of 2016 by four partners from Leti and Delta Drone, is developing a GoPro-type action...

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Professor Pierre Gentil dies at 70

Although some of MINATEC’s younger researchers may not know who he was, Professor Pierre Gentil, who died in early March at...

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Partnership: MINATEC goes to Argentina

MINATEC and Argentina’s Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial (INTI) signed a partnership agreement on February 26 in Buenos Aires. INTI, which...

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Interview: Marie-Noëlle Semeria, Director, Leti

Marie-Noëlle Semeria, Director, Leti:

« Leti appeared in the international press 50 times after CES 2016 »


How did Leti’s trip...

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Exagan to set up manufacturing base in Grenoble

Exagan, which specializes in power components, has just invested in an Extron 200 mm epitaxy machine, currently being installed at a...

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Leti and GlobalFoundries pave the way for 22 nm FD-SOI

The agreement signed by Leti and GlobalFoundries, the world’s second-largest foundry, in 2015 is now in the implementation phase. The agreement...

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Pint of Science brews up something for everyone

The Pint of Science Festival, to be held on May 23, 24, and 25, will invite scientists into local bars to...

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FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition reaches new heights

The 5th French edition of the international FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition, organized by Grenoble Institute of Technology, will be held...

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Blueberries could soon juice up smartphones

In a project for the Nano@school program, seven Grenoble high-schoolers made solar cells from fruits and vegetables. CEA-INAC Ph.D. candidate Cyril...

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