Smart Force Technologies makes using nanoparticles easier

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Published : 1 April 2016

Since 2006 LTM has been working on technologies to control the placement of nanoparticles on a surface. The lab’s reputation has grown so much that it receives numerous outside requests—so many in fact that a startup, Smart Force Technologies, was set up by seven partners, including two of the lab’s former Ph.D. students, in late 2015. The company has already sold and installed its first piece of equipment for a customer in Sweden. The equipment uses a drop of colloidal solution which undergoes controlled evaporation on a lithographed surface whose pattern (size and spacing) determines the placement and grouping of the nanoparticles. The researchers can now obtain thousands of identical objects, whereas before they had to use a microscope to search for the configurations they wanted. The advance will save days of work.


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