Managing metal contamination just got easier

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Published : 1 April 2016

Each year, the Leti staffers in charge of the institute’s 200 mm and 300 mm equipment request thousands of metal contamination tests for wafers. And up until last year, they had to manually enter these requests one by one. A couple of research scientists tasked a Ph.D. candidate with looking into a possible upgrade to GASEL, the software used to manage the requests. And their initiative paid off! The new version of the software offers new, user-friendly features like bulk requests, and reusable, modifiable request templates. The request process is faster and the test results are batched and, therefore, easier to organize. Not to mention the direct savings due to the fact that the wafer carriers are used to full capacity, which means reduced cleaning. And, at €66 to clean one 300 mm carrier, the savings add up!


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