MINATEC Ph.D. candidate wins NanoArt 2015

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Published : 1 April 2016

Maxime Legallais, a Ph.D. candidate at LMGP-IMEP/LTM, won the Fondation Nanosciences NanoArt 2015 Award for his photo of a silicon nanowire symbolizing the red ribbon of AIDS awareness. More than 3,000 online visitors voted Maxime’s image the best of 2015. Maxime’s research focuses on the electrical properties of nanonets made from randomly-oriented silicon nanowires. His eye-catching photo was pure chance. He captured the image using a scanning electron microscope while characterizing nanonet morphology. The nanowires Maxime uses are generally straight, so the AIDS ribbon was a fluke, possibly due to growth defects or other nanowires stuck nearby, forcing the one in the prize-winning image into a curved shape.
See the photo here: http://goo.gl/ank8F7

Contact: maxime.legallais@grenoble-inp.fr

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