Exagan to set up manufacturing base in Grenoble

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Published : 1 April 2016

Exagan, which specializes in power components, has just invested in an Extron 200 mm epitaxy machine, currently being installed at a site near Grenoble. The investment comes less than two years after the company was founded. The automated, multi-wafer equipment will produce the company’s innovative material, which combines gallium nitride and silicon using a buffer layer called G-Stack. The components will then be sent to foundry at Germany’s X-FAB before being assembled and tested by Exagan. This new phase anchors Exagan’s position as a full-fledged manufacturer and confirms the company’s choice of Grenoble for its home base—Exagan is headquartered at MINATEC and its manufacturing facility is nearby. The products manufactured will be sent to customers for sampling and technology qualification, which Exagan is hopeful will lead to the company’s first sales.

Contact: frederic.dupont@exagan.com

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