Diabeloop: “Pancreas 2.0” undergoes patient testing

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Published : 1 April 2016

Grenoble-based startup Diabeloop is currently testing the second version of its smart artificial pancreas on 45 insulin-dependent diabetics. The system is unlike anything currently available on the market, and includes a blood glucose sensor, an insulin pump, and a smartphone installed with a Leti algorithm and patient interface. The patient interface manages the link between the sensor and pump.
Leti has substantially improved the calculation speed of the algorithm, which bioregulates insulin delivery. With the version currently being tested, the model is personalized and adjusts to the patient’s physiological data every five minutes. The previous version made the adjustment only once every 24 hours. Diabeloop hopes to release the second version of its artificial pancreas in 2017.

Learn more at www.diabeloop.fr

Contact: pierre.jallon@cea.fr

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