3D-Onochip project reports first findings

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Published : 1 April 2019

The 3D-Onochip* project (run by two industrial companies and two Grenoble Institute of Technology labs** and backed by the French Single Interministerial Fund) recently reached an important milestone. Microlight3D, one of the industrial companies involved in the project, successfully printed 900 x 900 x 300 µm cytoskeletons in 96-well plates with excellent process reproducibility. LMGP then deposited growth factor onto the cytoskeletons and tested their mechanical resistance and ability to withstand sterilization.

CTI Biotech, the other industrial partner on the project, could ultimately deposit cancer cells onto the cytoskeletons to obtain 96 identical microtumors. Microtumors can be used as biological models in the development of new treatments and to help clinicians tailor personalize treatments for individual patients.

*Supported by the Greater Grenoble Intermunicipal Authority

**LMGP and the Jean Kuntzmann Laboratory


Contact: denis.barbier@microlight.fr

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