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April 2019

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Changing the magnetic chirality of skyrmions

The skyrmion—a magnetic quasiparticle measuring just a few nanometers—continues to garner great interest in the world of spintronics. Researchers from Spintec,...
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Getting closer to denser, more energy-efficient RRAM memory

A team of researchers from Leti working in partnership with Stanford University recently developed a resistive RRAM memory technology with 2.5...
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Progress toward high-performance UV LEDs

Doping the materials that make up the barrier around a UV LED’s active region is challenging, which makes it difficult to...
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Three potential new pathways to augmented reality glasses

So far, augmented reality glasses have failed to live up to their promises: They are bulky, their field of view is...
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Neural networks: Keeping catastrophic forgetting at bay

To effectively respond to situations they have never learned before, tomorrow’s neural networks will have to keep a phenomenon known as...
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Retina: 3D-integrated image processing

Researchers from Leti made a significant technological advance when they completed the 3D integration of a 1024 x 768 pixel imager...
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Top news

AIDS vaccine: Lipidots® open the door to a novel approach

Researchers from Leti, CEA Sciences, and INSERM injected Lipidots® (lipid-based nanoparticles) containing the p24 protein of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) into an animal model and obtained a robust and complete immune response.

Lipidots® were created by Leti and CNRS in 2006 to encapsulate and deliver drugs or fluorescent chemical compounds to “target” cells. The lipid-based nanoparticles are easy to produce on a large scale, stable, and well-tolerated by the human...

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Interview: Jérôme Garin, Director, IRIG,

We are working together to address interdisciplinary topics

Jérôme Garin, Director, IRIG*: “We are working together to address interdisciplinary topics”


INAC, BIG, and IBS merged to form IRIG in early 2019. What is the rationale behind the change?

The idea is to scale up, raise our profile, and present a unified front to our partners like CNRS and the University. With a staff of 1,000, we are close in size to Grenoble’s other major research organizations.

Another important goal is to make...

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It’s amazing what a little spin pumping can do

In 2016 researchers at Spintec used spin pumping to study spin fluctuations in ultra-thin layers. More recently, they joined forces with...
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3D-Onochip project reports first findings

The 3D-Onochip* project (run by two industrial companies and two Grenoble Institute of Technology labs** and backed by the French Single...
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EuroSOI-Ulis conference reaches out to broader audience

The fifth combined EuroSOI-Ulis conference will be held on April 1 to 3 at Maison MINATEC. EuroSOI is right up there...
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Bernard Dieny earns IEEE recognition

The IEEE Magnetics Society Career Achievement Award 2019 was given to IRIG (formerly INAC) researcher and Spintec cofounder Bernard Dieny in...
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Clinatec endowment fund to support four projects

Four research projects submitted under the Edmond J. Safra 2019 call for proposals have been selected to receive a total of...
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Phelma rises 31 slots in the L’Usine Nouvelle rankings

Grenoble Institute of Technology engineering school Phelma made an impressive leap in the L’Usine Nouvelle magazine 2019 rankings, rising 31 slots...
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Student entrepreneurs: Phelma engineering school home to four projects

The French government created a special “student entrepreneur” status in 2014, and students at Grenoble Institute of Technology’s Phelma engineering school...
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Challenge First Step 2019 kicks off

The Challenge First Step 2019 competition official kick off was held at the March 21 Startup Café. The competition was created...
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Leti Innovation Days gets new format

Leti Innovation Days 2019 is adopting a new format, with five days of events (up from two previously) to be held...
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Leti and the Instituts Carnot: A synergistic relationship

Leti staff members have traditionally held key positions within the Instituts Carnot organization, a network of 38 government research organizations established...
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BHT2 to open its doors this fall

Construction of the BHT2 building was completed right on schedule at the end of March. MINATEC Entreprises, which manages the building,...
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GIANT Orientation Day for young researchers

The GIANT Junior Ambassadors will welcome the campus’ PhD candidates, post-docs, and interns to the first-ever GIANT Orientation Day on April...
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MINATEC startups raised more than €125 million in 2018

When it comes to fundraising, 2018 will go down in the books as a record year. Ten MINATEC startups raised €30...
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MINATEC Labs make room for 100 more researchers

The Vercors Wing of building 10.05 is finally ready for moving day after two years of construction work. Nearly 100 nanoelectronics,...
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Could light and heat soon power the Internet of Things?

IoT (Internet of Things) components don’t like to be tethered by cables! So, instead of plugging them in, why not harvest...
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Avalun’s pocket lab a success in retirement home test

The first phase of remote healthcare project e-Meuse, carried out in late 2018, was a success for startup Avalun’s LabPad INR...
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Michelin acquires stake in Primo1D

Primo1D just completed its second round of fundraising, bringing in €6 million from investors confident in the company’s unique technology, which...
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Morphosense raises €2 million in fresh capital

Startup Morphosense just reached a major milestone in its development, raising €2 million from three investors, including Bouygues Construction. The company...
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