MINATEC Labs make room for 100 more researchers

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Published : 1 April 2019

The Vercors Wing of building 10.05 is finally ready for moving day after two years of construction work. Nearly 100 nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, and spintronics researchers from CEA Sciences/IRIG will start moving in this April. Some 200 researchers have already moved into the Chartreuse Wing of the building. Once the Vercors Wing is occupied, MINATEC Labs will be home to most of the early-stage digital technology research taking place at the CEA’s Grenoble campus. The equipment at the Upstream Technology Platform* and chemistry platforms will also be moved.

The researchers concerned will move in gradually through the fall, ending with the quantum nanoelectronics teams. Their cryostats can be up to three meters tall and are equipped with extremely sensitive instruments accurate down to the mK—not the easiest items to move! This state-of-the-art equipment will be installed in pits to make the cryogenic arms easier to maneuver.

*PTA (Plateforme technologique amont)


Contact: emmanuel.hadji@cea.fr

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