EuroSOI-Ulis conference reaches out to broader audience

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Published : 1 April 2019

The fifth combined EuroSOI-Ulis conference will be held on April 1 to 3 at Maison MINATEC. EuroSOI is right up there with S3S (held in the United States) as one of the world’s top SOI* events. This year’s EuroSOI will address topics including the most advanced form of SOI, FDSOI, and radiofrequency applications for SOI. Ulis will explore technologies for the ultimate miniaturization of transistors, for architectures, and for materials targeting innovative applications.

IMEP-LAhC, Grenoble Institute of Technology, and Leti are organizing EuroSOI-Ulis 2019, which will bring in around 100 people—mainly researchers, but some industrial professionals as well. The audience has been largely European in previous years. This year, however, a significant number of attendees from Asia and Russia are expected.

*Silicon-on-insulator, made by Soitec, among other manufacturers



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