Leti and the Instituts Carnot: A synergistic relationship

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Published : 1 April 2019

Leti staff members have traditionally held key positions within the Instituts Carnot organization, a network of 38 government research organizations established in 2006. Today, the tradition continues with the appointment of Leti Program Director Susana Bonnetier as Vice President of the Carnot Network. As Vice President, one of her priorities will be to ramp up the Network’s communications, with more events, a greater online presence, and a name that is easier to understand (“Carnot”).

Carnot matching funds are vital to Leti’s pump priming research. The institute uses the funds to investigate breakthrough technologies, complete proof-of-concept testing on key enabling technologies, and explore future markets. Finally, Carnot support also benefits startups through programs like the Challenge First Step competition.


Contact: susana.bonnetier@cea.fr

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