MINATEC startups raised more than €125 million in 2018

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Published : 1 April 2019

When it comes to fundraising, 2018 will go down in the books as a record year. Ten MINATEC startups raised €30 million in 2017. In 2018 nine startups raised more than €125 million. Three of the startups (Isorg, Aledia, and Kalray, which went public last June) raised more than €20 million each. The six others ranged from €253,000 for Moovlab to €10.5 million for ISKN.

The dramatic increase speaks to the vibrant local tech ecosystem, of course. However, a broader national context favorable to deep tech startups also explains the huge amount of capital raised. A decade ago a startup raising more than €10 million would have made the headlines. Today, given the multiple sources of financing now available, it is much more common.



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