Three potential new pathways to augmented reality glasses

Categorie(s) : Innovation & Society, News, Research

Published : 1 April 2019

So far, augmented reality glasses have failed to live up to their promises: They are bulky, their field of view is limited, and they are not bright enough to be used outdoors. Leti is working to overcome these limitations through three targeted R&D projects.

First, the institute is developing a 853 x 500 pixel, three-micron-pitch gallium nitride display to enhance brightness. A monochromatic display has already been completed, and a full-color version is in the works. Next, Leti is leveraging Pixcurve’s curved display technology to come up with more compact optics. Finally, Leti researchers are combining optics and holography to project high-definition images directly onto the retina. These new developments will help deliver a truly immersive experience!



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