Challenge First Step 2019 kicks off

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Published : 1 April 2019

The Challenge First Step 2019 competition official kick off was held at the March 21 Startup Café. The competition was created in 2012 to help identify potential “out of the box” tech-transfer ideas, nurture them into viable projects, and speed up the incubation phase. Any permanent CEA Grenoble staffer with an idea for a startup is welcome to enter. Over the past few years, the competition has helped produce some promising ventures, including Scintil Photonics, Wattalps, PowerUp, and SEED Energy.

The deadline for submissions is end of business on May 3; candidates will be interviewed in mid-May. The winners selected by the jury will be offered a range of support services. Later, depending on how advanced their projects are and their expressed needs, they may be eligible for financial assistance.



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