Could light and heat soon power the Internet of Things?

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Published : 1 April 2019

IoT (Internet of Things) components don’t like to be tethered by cables! So, instead of plugging them in, why not harvest energy from the ambient heat and light? The five-year EU Harvestore project, which kicked off in late 2018, will develop just such a solution. LMGP is assigning one of its PhD candidates and a post-doc to the project.

The highly-miniaturized systems to be developed will deliver between 0.5 mW and 10 mW of power. They will include both energy harvesting and storage capabilities. The researchers in Grenoble will work on improving the ceramic and oxide materials likely to be used, performing advanced materials characterization at the Synchrotron, and develop deposition techniques. So far, it looks like the target system will consist of a reversible micro-fuel-cell combined with photovoltaic cells. It will be the first-ever system of its kind on this small a scale.



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