MINATEC to host European IndTech 2022 conference

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Published : 7 June 2022

As current holder of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, France is hosting the biennial Conference on Industrial Technologies, IndTech 2022. CEA Grenoble is organizing the event at MINATEC from June 27 to 29.
This year’s event will focus on tomorrow’s industrial technologies and is expected to bring in major stakeholders from Europe and around the globe.
Research organizations, industrial corporations, startups, financers, and policymakers will come together around topics like the environmental and digital transitions.
And the program is impressive, with more than 70 speakers, including from the CEA and Grenoble INP. Topics will include success stories that show sustainability and economic competitiveness can go hand in hand.
IndTech 2022 will also provide a first look at the results of the Horizon Europe calls for projects, and an opportunity to talk about what is ahead for 2023–2024.

Contact: bertrand.fillon@cea.fr

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