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June 2022

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Smaller reversible fuel cells could be more powerful

Miniaturizing reversible fuel cells could be the best path toward higher power densities.
The Adfun project, a joint effort between...

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Electric vehicles fill up with GaN

A joint lab formed by CEA-Leti and CEA-Liten has signed several R&D contracts for power conversion projects with manufacturers...

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PreCoM project: powerful sensors for predictive maintenance

CEA-Leti developed some truly exceptional wireless vibration and temperature sensors for the EU H2020 PreCoM project on decision support...

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Nickel almost as good as platinum for fuel cells

Fuel cells with platinum electrodes are efficient but, because of the material’s scarcity and high cost, are not a...

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Memristors find new use in neural networks

Memristors are used as memory. But what if they could also be used as the basic building blocks of...

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World’s first 2D ferromagnetic materials at 229 K

Researchers at Irig achieved a world first when they grew Fe5GeTe2 thin films on sapphire using molecular-beam epitaxy.
They were...

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Top news

Organs-on-chip could give diabetes patients new hope

Researchers from Irig and CEA-Leti successfully maintained pancreatic cells called islets of Langerhans in culture on a microfluidic chip for a month and were able to measure individual islets’ insulin production. This breakthrough could improve the efficacy of islet transplants, a treatment given to some diabetes patients.
Islets of Langherans are sphere-shaped pancreatic cells between 200 microns and 300 microns in diameter. Although they account for just 3% of the pancreas, they...

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Interview: Jérôme Garin, Director, Irig,

Our junior scientists are nothing if not passionate about their work

You have been at the CEA for 37 years and plan to retire in September. What is your main takeaway?

I am really pleased to see that our younger scientists are just as passionate about their work as we were about ours back in the 80s.
You can just see it, especially at events like PhD student orientation.
We did miss out on several of those occasions during the pandemic, but the memories of...

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New material for faster microlasers: the Crumble project

The Crumble project, financed by France’s national research agency (ANR), is setting its sights on shorter-pulsed (500 picoseconds instead...

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Medical radiology expands into point-of-care imaging

Radiological diagnostics, which include X-ray and other imaging techniques, can be a challenge if a patient cannot be transported...

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Photovoltaics: yield-boosting solar inverter

CEA-Leti and CEA-Liten are joining forces to develop a low-loss inverter to boost photovoltaic solar panel conversion efficiency. Inverters...

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The magnetic superconducting mysteries of heavy-fermion metal UTe2

UTe2 , which confounds a 60-year-old theory of superconductivity, has captured the scientific community’s attention ever since it was...

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Microtechnology could aid in the study of tau protein’s role in Alzheimer’s

Tau protein plays a role in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease—that much scientists are sure about.
But, due...

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The Grenoble branch of nonprofit Cheer up! gets back to work

More than 200 runners entered the Race Against Cancer organized by Cheer Up! on April 10. The Grenoble INP...

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Antennas can be printed on 3D objects with plastronics

The six-year MINT Chair on plastronics recently wrapped up its research. IMEP-LaHC, LG2P, and the S-mart Grenoble Alpes CIM...

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CEA-Leti partnership with UCLouvain off to a great start

CEA-Leti and Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) in Belgium signed a three-year partnership agreement in early 2022 that has...

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Y.SPOT Partners welcomes two artists-in-residence

Atelier Arts Sciences, which moved into Y.SPOT in March, is currently hosting two artists-in-residence whose work will be shown...

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Émile Rivoire ready for 2,500 km of solar-powered cycling

Émile Rivoire of Phelma’s Class of 2016 is ready for Sun Trip Alpes 2022, a 2,500-km solar-powered cycling adventure....

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Leti Innovation Days to put a spotlight on eight semiconductor leaders

Leti Innovation Days is a much-anticipated event for electronics-industry stakeholders.
The past year has been unprecedented, whether it was the...

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MINATEC to host European IndTech 2022 conference

As current holder of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, France is hosting the biennial Conference...

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FD-SOI leaders form next-generation alliance

CEA-Leti, Soitec, STMicroelectronics, and GlobalFoundries have formed an alliance on FD-SOI, a technology born 20 years ago at CEA-Leti.

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Grenoble engineering students volunteer in Togo

This summer, a group of thirteen Grenoble engineering students will go to Gamé Kové, a village 70 km north...

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Getinge of Sweden acquires Fluoptics

Fluoptics, founded in 2009 to develop and commercialize a technology based on CEA-Leti patents, is the only European company...

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Grenoble to host 2022 EuCNC & 6G summit

The European Commission has tasked CEA-Leti with organizing the 31st EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G...

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