Memristors find new use in neural networks

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Published : 6 June 2022

Memristors are used as memory. But what if they could also be used as the basic building blocks of spiking neural networks?
LMGP and TIMA will be investigating this new use for memristors during a two-year MITI 80 PRIME project that is just getting started.
They will be looking at a new memristor material, lanthanum nickelate (La2NiO4), that should enable multiple stable resistive states during a machine learning process and be able to hold on to the values acquired.
This kind of non-volatile interconnectable artificial synapse could be used to build networks of tens of thousands of synapses.
The scope of the research covers the material, the memristor device, the circuit architecture, and the machine learning algorithm.
A microfabrication technology will also be developed for a 16-memristor SNN.


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