Y.SPOT Partners welcomes two artists-in-residence

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Published : 7 June 2022

Atelier Arts Sciences, which moved into Y.SPOT in March, is currently hosting two artists-in-residence whose work will be shown at the next Biennale Arts Sciences in October.
A theater company (La Fabrique des petites utopies) is exploring a reinterpretation of the audio guide concept through a project called Lunettes Junes Verne (Jules Verne Glasses).
The immersive glasses will give tourists a virtual experience as they move through cities and other sites of interest in the real world.
In parallel, circus artist Rachel Martin is working on a project called Kinesphere 8.0.
She will perform inside a 20-sided polyhedron instrumented with sensors, the Kinesphere, in an exploration of movement and of the traces the dancer’s body in motion leaves behind. The idea is to capture motion in writing, much like a musical score captures a song.

Contact: laurence.bardini@theatre-hexagone.eu

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