New material for faster microlasers: the Crumble project

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Published : 7 June 2022

The Crumble project, financed by France’s national research agency (ANR), is setting its sights on shorter-pulsed (500 picoseconds instead of 700) and, therefore, more powerful lasers for telecommunications and micromarking.
IMEP-LaHC is coordinating the project, which involves two other labs* and long-time IMEP-LaHC partner Teem Photonics.
The partners will be developing a new material—chromium-atom doped yttrium-aluminum oxide nanocrystals in a sol-gel matrix—with specific properties for the saturable absorber and active laser medium.
IMEP-LaHC will use this material to fabricate integrated optics on glass substrates.
New waveguides will need to be designed, and the fabrication processes will have to be adapted significantly.

*Laboratoire Hubert-Curien at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Étienne and ICCF at Clermont-Ferrand University

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